In the laboratory

To take a look at microphotographic images of testate amoebae we find in Patagonian peatlands, click here. Each of these organisms possesses specific tolerances, largely linked to water table depth, a function of temperature and precipitation. By working out how populations of the different species has changed over time, we can reconstruct how climate may have changed in the past. Find out more about testate amoebae here.

Assulina seminulum crop

Or why not have a look at some of the often weird and frequently wonderful plants we find on the surface of our peat bogs by clicking here. Fragments of these plants are preserved in the peat over time, giving us an idea of the changing conditions experienced at the bog surface potentially as a result of climatic changes. FInd out more here. Find out more about plant macrofossils here.

Sphagnum magellanicum crop