Dr Paola García Meneses

Dr Paola Garcia Meneses

Paola M García Meneses has a Ph.D. in Landscape Ecology from the University of Plymouth. She is currently working in Plymouth’s School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and is a member of the Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre. She is also a founder member of the GEOMARE (Terrestrial and Marine Investigation Group) in México. Her research interests include the understanding of climate change using paleoclimate proxies, also, plant population ecology, landscape processes, biodiversity and sustainable use of tropical alpine grasslands and peatland in Latin-American ecosystems. At Plymouth she has worked with Dr Tim Daley, Dr Paul M Ramsay, and Dr Miguel Franco in projects related to changes in the environment at large, temporal and spatial scales in Latin American Ecosystems. In July 2012 she became part of the PATAGON project as a research technician. She has taught and trained students in several ecology modules in the United Kingdom, Ecuador and México. She has also worked as environmental consultant for the Mexican government, the United Nations and private companies.